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The fans in the stands and especially the ones, who use the restrooms, are left with an impression of your sports facility. Whether you are a private complex, a school district, a college, or a university you want that impression to be the right one. One they would talk about in a way that reflects positively on your organization. At Scioto Services, we understand the challenges you face. We know you have a lot on your plate and limited resources to get all done.   

We’ve got the knowledge you’re looking for. We have over 30 years of experience in the building services industry and a decade of experience providing gym floor maintenance to Ohio schools and major universities. We have the expertise to support your needs from MRSA concerns in the locker room to the shine of the finish of the gym floor. From the impression people have at the entrance of the building and down the hallway to what they feel when they see the grout on the floor in your restrooms.  

Our experience has helped us to understand the actions we can take to help you succeed. We are flexible in scheduling our times to perform service and efficient in completing the job. We put safety first, for our floor refinishers and cleaning technicians. They are all required to complete a thorough chemical handling training process. Proper maintenance and planning can save you thousands of dollars in costly surfacing expenses for your gym floor and help you achieve a priceless value in goodwill with the fans who visit your facility.

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