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Student learning is enhanced when their environment is safe, clean, and healthy. The education and management involved in shaping the minds of our future, is a substantial task. So is running the building services operation need to support the facilities essential to learning. In fact, school districts on average are running what is comparable to a $2 Million cleaning company. The top three issues identified by school administration in a study are very similar to those faced by building services companies every day:  

  • Custodial Staff Attitude & Morale
    • Over 90% of the participants in a recent market research study in Ohio stated “Poor Attitude / Motivation” as the biggest issue they face with their facility maintenance team.
  • Absenteeism
    •  Nearly all administrators interviewed stated they spend “too much time” on attendance issues.
  • Rising Labor Cost Combined With Shrinking Budgets
    • Shrinking budgets are an issue facing schools in Ohio and across the country. Budget cuts often lead to trimming headcount. This puts more pressure on a smaller staff, creating demand for overtime  

Scioto Services has developed an operating model around the simple principle “You can't effectively manage what you don't measure.” With over 30 years in business we've come to recognize the devil is in the details.  To insure those details are covered we've developed a proprietary operating process, which we refer to as SQCDM (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale). 

Our management philosophy and our people are what make us the right partner to help you efficiently achieve your district’s goals. In an industry with a reputation for high turnover and quality control issues, Scioto Services thinks and acts differently.

We have employee retention and average length of service rates, which are well above our industries standards. Most of our team is made up of full time associates (85 - 90%) who average 99% attendance. There are a lot of companies providing building services today, but none with a staff of associates more dedicated to mutual success with our customers than Scioto Services.  

The services we provide to school districts include  

  1. Management consulting: Working with district administration on management and professional development practices such as staff hiring, training and motivational programs.
  2. Hiring, Interviewing & Training: Scioto has been directly responsible for the selection process and training for new hires for school districts in Ohio.
  3. Janitorial & Special Services: Contracted fee for services such as building custodial services and gym floor maintenance programs.

See what our some of our school district customers have to say about Scioto Services.  

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