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Poor maintenance and failure to keep machinery clean is the number one cause of costly downtime. Whether it is pollutants in your paint system, hydraulic oil and grime on your presses, or sealer and slag built up on your welding robots, these costly culprits can bring your operations to a halt – at your cost.  

From over 30 years of performing building services in multiple manufacturing locations of Fortune 500 companies, Scioto Services developed an operating model around the simple principle: “You can't effectively manage what you don't measure.” Our close interaction with manufacturing customers lead us to examine our own operation with the lean management practices we saw taking place at our customer’s locations. We realized to compete long term we would need to insure we achieved an optimal level of quality while controlling our costs.  

We used this insight to develop a proprietary operating process, which we refer to as SQCDM (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale). Our model aligned our metrics with our customers around the critical elements of success. In an industry with a reputation for high turnover and quality control issues, Scioto Services thinks and acts differently. Our dedication to training and employee satisfaction results in motivated, happy associates. On average, we only hire about 13% of the people we interview and those that do make the cut earn about 10% higher wages than the industry standard.  

Through our process driven approach, we’ll insure we do our part to help to keep your equipment running to its fullest potential. We're flexible and capable we’ll design a shift to work around your operating needs.  We can enter your facility on late shifts and weekends to prepare the equipment or be there during the day to perform general maintenance cleaning as needed.

We perform routine maintenance cleaning of your equipment and the surrounding areas such as:

  • Pit pumping (and disposal preparation)
  • Deck plates
  • Safety fences
  • Light fixtures
  • Storage areas
  • Wash tanks
  • Spray booths
  • Equipment exterior and floors

Our associates are also capable of performing specialized tasks such as:

  • Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Pit Cleaning/Pumping
  • Injection Molding Equipment Cleaning
  • Weld Shops
  • Paint Systems
  • Die Cast
  • Hand Cleaning of Equipment

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