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In your hospital or healthcare facilities you are required to meet increasingly high standards of quality in all aspects of your businesses, from your practices and privacy, to your people, processes and procedures. We understand that regulatory organizations hold your facility to the highest level of inspection and regulation. The cleanliness of your environments is one major area of scrutiny.  

At Scioto Services, we understand the challenges this governance creates for the healthcare industry. We offer the right solutions to exceed expectations, with quality standards, professional processes, and a proficient workforce. Ultimately this results in a clean, healthy environment, with improved patient experiences Ė and that means better outcomes.  

Having a clean environment also goes a long way toward, shaping perceptions about the quality of care, patients feel they are receiving. At Scioto Services, our approach to environmental services makes us the ideal partner for your healthcare facilities. Our unique business model will keep you in compliance with standards from JACHO, CDC and others. Our model creates the right combination of focus on Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale.

We go through a rigorous process to identify the right people. Only about 13% of the people we interview make the Scioto Services team, and those that do make the cut earn about 10% higher wages than the industry standard, ensuring quality service. We donít think you should have to choose between price and quality in your environmental services company. There are a lot of companies providing building services today, but none with a staff of associates more dedicated to mutual success with our customers than Scioto Services.

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