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Everyday taxpayers walk through the doors of the government buildings you are responsible for managing. Each visit represents an opportunity for an impression to be made about the effectiveness of our government. What people see and feel plays a large role in shaping their perceptions. At Scioto Services, we understand the challenges you face. We know you have a lot on your plate and limited resources to achieve all of your operational objectives.   

With over 30 years of experience performing building services for government and Fortune 500 private sector manufacturers, Scioto Services developed an operating model around the simple principle: “You can't effectively manage what you don't measure.” Our close interaction with manufacturing customers lead us to examine our own operation with the lean management practices we saw taking place at our customer’s locations. We realized to compete long term we would need to insure we achieved an optimal level of quality while controlling our costs.  

Our management philosophy and our people are what make us the right partner to insure the taxpayers who walk through the door, are left with the right impression. In an industry with a reputation for high turnover and quality control issues, Scioto Services thinks and acts differently. We have retention and average length of service rates, which are well above industry standards. Most of our team is made up of full time associates (85 - 90%). We reward them with industry leading compensation and benefits packages. There are a lot of companies providing building services today, but none with a staff of associates more dedicated to mutual success with our customers than Scioto Services.

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