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When you are responsible for the facilities on a college or university today, your job is a critical component of the campus culture. The responsibility for providing a safe, healthy space for living and learning while setting a positive example on how this can done with a minimal impact on the environment falls squarely on your shoulders. In addition to providing for the students daily needs on campus, your job has a key role in shaping the impression of the students and families who visit before decide where to enroll for classes. Competition for students among colleges and universities is more intense now than it has ever been. The first impression most students and families are left with is the cleanliness and safety they feel during their visit. Scioto Services understands your needs. We have helped your peers at colleges and universities to address these issues and make the right first impression.  

Our leadership is active on many regional and national industry organizations that set the standards we operate under. This membership and our other leadership activities help us to stay on top and set industry trends. We constantly strive to improve. We provide “green” / environmentally friendly and cost effective services without sacrificing the quality our customers demand. Our ability to offer a broad range of building services makes life easier for facility service managers because they know one with just one call they can meet the majority of their needs.  

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