Industrial Services 


Having a partner who is dependable and committed to keeping you up and running, is what you’ll find when you contact Scioto Services. We have over 30 years of working at the multiple manufacturing locations for Fortune 500 companies. This has helped us to develop a deep understanding of the importance of preventive maintenance practices, an appreciation for the cost of downtown and the impact of labor issues. 

Scioto Services is able to meet the needs of our customers by providing temporary or permanent production support. In fact, one of our Fortune 500 customers was so satisfied with our staffing for their operation; they decided to outsource the entire piece of the staffing and training to Scioto Services.  We have been supporting this customer’s needs for nearly 25 years.  

Once you try Scioto Services production support you will quickly see the difference. All of our associates are trained on Scioto Service’s operating model called SQCDM (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale). This process driven approach puts emphasis on the right elements to insure we do our part in meeting your operational goals. It also helps our associates to understand the key metrics of the world’s most successful manufacturing operations. We have adopted these same metrics in our day-to-day business practices as well.    

Our process driven approach to managing our business insures we will have the skilled associates you need to get the job done when you call. 

Our associates are also capable of performing specialized tasks such as: 

  • Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Pit Cleaning/Pumping
  • Injection Molding Equipment Cleaning
  • Weld Shops
  • Paint Systems
  • Die Cast
  • Hand Cleaning of Equipment