Industrial Services 


Some jobs require the right combination of knowledge, cleaning supplies, and power equipment. Scioto Services knows that making the right first impression and maintaining a professional image can be an essential to our customers. We also know that some times the right power is required to clean in a space your customers may never see, but its cleanliness can have a dramatic impact on your operation.  

Scioto Services has experienced associates to meet all of your power washing project needs. Our associates take pride in paying attention to the details. They have the right training and equipment to address your project requirements whether it’s an exterior project like windows or a sidewalk, or a more complex project that require cryogenics, mold remediation or graffiti removal.  

We are capable of power washing your building, sidewalk, interior walls, overheads, water towers and manufacturing equipment. We can also deal with a wide variety surfaces from brick, concrete or cement block, vinyl or metal siding, and many others. Our ability to offer a broad range of building services makes life easier for facility service managers because they know one with just one call they can meet the majority of their needs. 

Some of the high pressure washing services we provide include:

  •  Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  •  Soda blasting
  •  Mold removal and remediation
  •  Paint remova
  • Industrial facilities
  •  Overheads
  • Equipment
  • Water towers
  • And more…