Industrial Services 

Industrial Services

Having a partner who is dependable and committed to keeping you up and running, is what you’ll find when you contact Scioto Services.  We know the importance of preventive maintenance, the cost of downtown and the impact of labor issues.

Our process driven approach to managing our business insures we will have the skilled associates you need to get the job done when you call. We're flexible and capable; we’ll design a shift to work around your operating needs. We can enter your facility on late shifts and weekends to prepare the equipment or be there during the day to work on the line or perform general maintenance cleaning as needed. We provide a comprehensive set of industrial services from the basic to highly specialized.

We perform routine maintenance cleaning of your equipment and the surrounding areas such as:

We provide a comprehensive set of facility services from the basic to highly specialized these include:

  • Pit pumping (and disposal preparation),
  • Deck plates
  • Safety fences
  • Light fixtures
  • Storage areas
  • Wash tanks,
  • Spray booths,
  • Equipment exterior and floors.  

Our associates are also capable of performing specialized tasks such as:

  •  Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Pit Cleaning/Pumping
  • Injection Molding Equipment Cleaning
  • Weld Shops
  • Paint Systems
  • Die Cast
  • Hand Cleaning of Equipment
  • Production or office support