Industrial Services 


Many of our customer have specialized needs which require the right combination of knowledge, equipment and process to get the job done right. Scioto Services is capable of utilizing a broad range of power washing and blasting approaches including cryogenic cleaning to meet your demands. Cryogenic cleaning has several benefits, it is non abrasive, more environmentally friendly than alternatives, and the lack of moisture makes is useful for applications where this is a concern, such as equipment with electrical components, mold removal, etc. Our associates take pride in paying close attention to the details, and they have the right training and equipment to address your project requirements. We stay on top of industry trends and constantly strive to improve our practices. We try to provide “green” / environmentally friendly and cost effective services without sacrificing the quality our customers demand. Our ability to offer a broad range of building services makes life easier for facility service managers because they know one with just one call they can meet the majority of their needs. 

Some of the applications we use cryogenic cleaning on include:

  • Pit Cleaning
  • Multi Media Blasting
  • High Bay Cleaning
  • Paint Booth Cleaning
  • Conveyor Cleaning
  • Fire/Smoke Clean Up
  • Graffiti Removal