Industrial Services 


Grinding, resurfacing, hardening and polishing concrete floors can have a dramatic impact on the image your facility projects to your customers, employees or tenants. Using a concrete polish can significantly strengthen the floor and allows for the application of colors, dyes and designs to become a permanent addition. The chemical hardeners added during the resurfacing and concrete polishing application provides years of low maintenance and reduce operating costs because they eliminate the need for sealers or waxes. The selection of the right coating not only extends the floors life, make it easier to clean, but it can also provide the added benefit of slip resistance for safety. We consult with each customer to evaluate their needs and to determine if the benefits polished concrete provides are superior to other alternatives and options.

Many of our customer’s concrete floors have shown signs of excessive wear when we are called in to help.  We see pitting, cracking, unleveled floors, and other signs of stress and age. Before any finishing solution can be addressed, there is often a need for repair work and grinding.  Scioto Services has a deep knowledge in floor care. We provide a comprehensive associate training program to insure we are able meet our customer’s needs in the way we deliver our service.  

Scioto Services has the knowhow to establish the proper cleaning and routine maintenance schedule to keep your floor safe. Our staff can provide counsel on essential preventative actions such as walk-off mat placement and transitions to enhance safety and reduce cleaning times and chemical use.  

Our leadership is active on many regional and national industry organizations. We stay on top of industry trends and constantly strive to improve. We try to provide “green” / environmentally friendly and cost effective services without sacrificing the quality our customers demand. Our ability to offer a broad range of building services makes life easier for facility service managers because they know one with just one call they can meet the majority of their needs.  

Our concrete polishing and hard surface floor care services include:

  • Design and consultation on options
  •  High speed burnishing and buffing 
  • Machine scrubbing
  • Concrete staining
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete preparation (grinding, cleaning repair, etc.)
  • Concrete hardening & polishing
  • Concrete coatings (epoxies, urethanes, polymers, quartz, overlayments, etc.)
  • Ceramic tile & grout restoration
  • And more…