Construction Services 


Pitting, cracking, and unlevel floors are all signs that your floor is aging and in need of maintenance. Your floors are under constant abuse from foot traffic, equipment, dirt, abrasion, salt, and other challenges. Scioto Services understand your issues. We can help to extend the life of your floors by evaluating your situation and recommending the right flooring solution which may include a coatings such as an epoxy or urethane finish. The selection of the right coating not only helps to extend the floors life, it makes it easier to clean enhances safety.  

Before recommending a course of action we take all variables into consideration. e.g. UV exposure, traffic volume, and safety concerns. We balance these factors with the aesthetics choices of color, texture and design to make sure we provide you a great finished product that meets all of your needs  

All of our associates are trained on Scioto Service’s operating model. Called SQCDM (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale). This process driven approach puts emphasis on the all essential elements to insure we do our part in meeting your operational goals.  

Scioto Services is flexible and capable.  We’ll design a shift to work around your operating needs. We can enter your facility on late shifts and weekends or be there during the day to work in isolated shut down areas while you remain operational in others.  

Some of the services and applications we use in floor coating include: 

  • Design and consultation on options
  • Adjustable texture to slip control
  • Logo and custom color designs
  • Specialized coatings to resist chemicals or ultraviolet rays
  • Machine scrubbing
  • Concrete staining
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete preparation (grinding, cleaning repair, etc.)
  • Concrete coatings (epoxies, urethanes, polymers, quartz, overlayments, etc.)
  • And more…