About Scioto Services 


With over 30 years experience in the building services industry, we’ve had the opportunity to serve a myriad of customers in a wide array of markets. Helping make other companies successful is what makes us successful. That’s why we’re proud of the fact that 90% of our customers have been working with Scioto for over 10 years. In this section, you can hear directly from our customers and learn why Scioto has helped set a new standard in cleaning for their organizations.  

“The fact that Scioto uses full time people really makes a difference. They are currently maintaining one of our newest facilities.  We recently asked them to take-over an older facility where we were having service issues.  Since Scioto has taken over our survey scores for cleaning have been considerably higher.  Scioto has proven that they are reliable and we are very pleased with Scioto’s performance.”

- Dana Freudeman, Chief Operations Officer, Prime Medical

“We have a good working relationship with Scioto Services. They always deliver on what they promise. Their people do good work and are very professional.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

- Jack Quatman, Vice President , Jones Lange Lasalle    

Scioto has helped us extend the life of some very old floors while our new building was under construction. The athletic facilities at the OSU student recreation center are constantly in use. For the last four years, Scioto has handled the maintenance on all basketball, squash and racquetball courts. They understand our scheduling demands and are very flexible. Their communication is excellent and their staff are very professional.

- David DeAngelo, Assistant Director of Facilities Recreation & Intramural Sports, Ohio State University

"Scioto is more than just a cleaning company. We use them for supplies and anytime we need extra help, we give them a call. They will do it within 24-hour notice. If we are in dire straits, they will have extra the help to us within that same day. This is something that you just cannot get from another company.

We know the whole staff at Scioto very well. We consider them a friend. And we aren't just customers to them, we are their friends."

- John Howard, Nestle

"As a school system, we want our buildings to be clean, efficient, and supportive of our educational programs. Scioto has been a valuable asset to us in providing specialized advice and service. Scioto has provided a wide range of services to our schools on an as-needed, cost-effective basis. They have assisted us in analyzing custodial schedules, with specialized training for our staff, and with analyzing the products and equipment we use to keep our schools clean. The professionals at Scioto are easy to work with and sensitive to our needs."

-Dr. Carole Young, Superintendent, North Union Schools

"Basically, we use Scioto as a supplier of custodial supplies. They provide 90% of our supplies. Along with that they provide technical services, such as floor waxing, product recommendations, and so forth. We have worked with them for a considerable amount of time and they have always performed to our expectations.

This past year we have been hiring through them for our custodial staff. It has been a great experience for us working with them. They provide training for us saving our current staff time and resources. They even provide us a better-trained employee.

They are responsive to our needs. We always feel comfortable calling them for anything we need. They are very proactive to customer requests and needs and are very personable people. They are very aware of the needs we have because of their backgrounds with cleaning. They are a unique company and are a very dependable, friendly group to do business with."

- Bob Huelsman, Business Director, Urbana City Schools

"We utilized the services of Scioto several years ago, but due to our increasing growth, cleaning charges continued to grow as well. We decided to try another, more cost-competitive vendor. Well, we learned our lesson and are back -- shiny floors and all -- with Scioto."

- Carman Wirtz, Manager of Human Resources, Midwest Express, Inc.        

 "Scioto has provided the University with excellent service in several of our facilities for the past couple of years. Their management staff consistently presents themselves in a professional manner, and truly puts forth the effort to maintain open communications with key personnel in the facilities. If critical situations or customer concerns arise, they act quickly and responsibly.

The custodial staff members that I have had the opportunity of dealing with are consistently courteous and well-trained professionals.

It is a pleasure working with the staff members from Scioto."

- Debbie Eskelson, Assistant Director of Building Services, The Ohio State University

"We have only worked with Scioto for a short time, but they have really come in and improved our problem areas. One particular instance was an accreditation review that we had coming up. Our juvenile detention center was in bad shape with a lot of neglected areas, but Scioto came in and in a matter of weeks cleaned it up and helped us to pass the accreditation.

They go above and beyond anything that we can expect. They periodically go through our buildings making sure that everything is cleaned and meeting our needs. If there happens to be a problem, they clean it up right away. We are very pleased with them. The quality of people they have at Scioto is great."

-Marianne Barnhart, Director, Franklin County Public Facilities Management