About Scioto Services 


A company is only as strong as the people that make up the organization. Our customers know the truth of that statement and we do, too. And we take it personally. That’s why we treat our 1000+ associates as part of the team… ours and yours.

In an industry with a reputation for high turnover and quality control issues, Scioto Services thinks and acts differently. Our dedication to training and employee satisfaction results in motivated, happy associates. On average, we only hire about 13% of the people we interview and those that do make the cut earn about 10% higher wages than the industry standard. When you consider these facts you'll start to understand how Scioto Services is not just another run of the mill building services company:

  • 85-90% Full-time associates
  • Industry-leading compensation and benefits packages
  • A turnover rate 75% lower than industry average
  • Two times greater length of service than the industry average
  • A 99% company-wide attendance record
  • Dedicated training and safety administrator
  • Exceptional safety record, on average, a Scioto Services associate would have to work 42 years before experiencing a lost-time incident.

Another key part of our team process starts with hiring dependable managers that can provide the leadership necessary to ensure success. When you hire Scioto Services, you’re getting more than just a building services company. Our associates are knowledgeable and experienced. We have developed proven processes for measuring quality, safety, and the delivery of our services. We have a dedicated corporate safety and training administrator to insure our associates have the right tools and knowledge needed to succeed.