About Scioto Services 

The Scioto Services Difference    

You can't effectively manage what you don't measure.  We've come to recognize the devil is in the details.  To insure those details are covered we've developed a proprietary operating process, which we refer to as SQCDM -   Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale.  

We utilize a proprietary web-based tracking system to measure all essential details. Our processes and reporting insure we are monitoring, measuring, and ultimately meeting or exceeding our client's expectations for performance in all areas. For additional information on each area of our process read on…  


Safety is our top priority, we care about our associates. There commitment and hard work is what sets us apart from our competition. Scioto Services has a dedicated corporate safety and training administrator, to insure we train our associates on the proper use of equipment, cleaning supplies, and essential protective gear. Our web-based tracking system provides near real time monitoring of injuries by type and by customer location. This enables us to be proactive and identify potential training issues before they become a problem. We have been recognized for excellence by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation for our practices. Click here to read the article in Worker's Comp Quarterly.


Scioto Services’ operations managers work with each of our customers to jointly develop quality metrics. These metrics are shared with, and agreed upon by all associates working on the account team. Accountability is a critical success factor in the Scioto Services team staffing approach. Each team has goals and objectives and we routinely survey our client's staff to see how we are measuring up.

We use customer input to focus on continuous improvement. Our management team shares results with our associates so the entire team understands how we are doing and where we can strive to do better. Measuring quality and having associates who are committed to client specific goals is another way we are setting a new standard in the building service industry.


At Scioto Services we continually focus on ways to improve the delivery of service to our customers. Our operations managers and associates receive extensive job training on specific skills and advances in technology which help them to optimize their performance. Scioto Services leadership team members are active participants on several regional and national industry boards. This enables us to stay abreast and influence the advancement of the practices in our industry. We use our proprietary web-based operating system to create project and personnel schedules at the customer level. This allows us to improve communication with our customers and keeps the entire team on the same page.  


Today's business climate is highly competitive. Companies, who effectively control costs without adversely affecting the quality of their product, survive and thrive. We have recognized this principle for more than 30 years. To insure we keep costs under control our operations team establishes budgets for supplies, labor, equipment, etc. at all of the customer locations we serve. We track performance implement cost control measures against these targets. Keeping costs under control and implementing our processes for measuring quality provide the essential checks and balances needed to help us realize our mission of setting a new standard in the building service industry.


We have a saying at Scioto Services, "If you want satisfied customers, get happy people to serve them."  We take associate satisfaction seriously. So seriously that we routinely survey our associates to see how we are measuring up.  

In an industry that is notorious for high turnover, we are proud to state that we have employee retention and average length of service rates, which are well above industry standards.  Most of our team is made up of full time associates (85 - 90%). We reward them with industry leading compensation and benefits packages. Scioto Services’ associates are committed to working hard for their team members and for their customers.  

We learned long ago that putting our people first is a critical part of changing perceptions and achieving our mission of setting a new standard in the building services industry.